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ISIS Vocal Assistant

3.12 usd

Give a voice to your phone !ISIS is a vocal assistant for Android, who can speak ANY LANGUAGE.---------------------------------Isis can do the following things :
- Speak any language (you can customize each sentence)- Call you by your name- Alert you of new notifications and emails- Hundreds of applications detected in the different categories of notifications- Notify you and read your messages- Tell you who is calling- Alert you if the battery is low- Wake you up and tell you the number of appointments of the day : when youll stop the alarm, Isis will talk.- Can be muted or get back to work- Isis does not just read notifications: it interprets to give you the right information
---------------------------------And you can :
- Define its name- Choose its look- Customize every sentence- Filter verbal notifications- Customize battery alert level
*** ISIS DOES NOT USE INTERNET : no data leaves your device. ***
---------------------------------Permissions used :
- READ_SMS / RECEIVE_MMS : used by Isis to orally read your messages- READ_CALENDAR : used by Isis to indicate the number of appointments to come- READ_PHONE_STATE / PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS : used by Isis to indicate you the dialer- READ_CONTACTS : used to indicate you the name of the dialer- MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS: used to detect if headsets are plugged- CHECK_LICENSE : used to check purchase
---------------------------------Notes :
- We strongly recommend the use of a good speech synthesis engine (search SVOX or IVONA on play store ). Voices only costs about $3, and are incomparable with the very bad default engine (TTS).
- The interface is in English or French. But Isis dialogs can be fully customized .
- Isis just born, do not hesitate to let me know your ideas or criticism.
---------------------------------Planned Improvements:
- Add more notifications filters for common applications - The possibility to add an application to a category
If you experience a bug or have suggestions or criticisms, please contact me by email.
*** If you like Isis, please leave a rate :) ***
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